US Powerball



US Powerball is one of the richest national lotteries in the entire southern hemisphere and it’s drawn only once a week. That limitation is actually a strength—it maximises the prize levels for each game. The jackpot minimum is set at about Au$4 million for each game, and that amount is almost always exceeded.

This game bears a strong resemblance to the money-mad USA Powerball, but it has one significant advantage: US Powerball gives players much better jackpot odds. US Powerball pays out on 8 prize levels, and you can win a prize by matching as few as 3 numbers. The jackpot has risen as high at Au$76 million and could go higher still.

DRAW FORMAT To play, choose 6 numbers from between 1 and 40. Then choose a single “powerball” number from between 1 and 20. The “main” numbers are drawn from one machine, and the powerball number is drawn from a separate machine. The lucky player who matches all 7 numbers wins the jackpot.